Responsibilities to Our Clients

Omnia Benefit Partners LLC’s Responsibilities to Our Clients:

Liaise between you, our client (your employees and management staff), insurance carriers, benefit companies, and/or Third Party Administrators.

We will either:

• Assist you personally

• Contact the carrier on your behalf

• When you must interact with the carrier in person, we will give you the phone number to call and help you gather all important information before your call, and if authorized, do a 3-way call with you

• Direct you to the appropriate URL to access and walk you through registration, logon, and navigating to the appropriate function Be the first point of contact for resolving and following up on concerns in a timely manner for

• Your employees (so your HR staff doesn’t have to, employees can send forms directly to us for processing if you wish) Such as: What is covered? How do I log in? How do I get claims paid? How do I make changes to my policy?

• Your HR and Management staff (so they don’t have to call 800 numbers and wait on hold) Such as: Why is this person still on our bill? How do I log in to pay the bill? Can you help me reconcile our bill? Can you add/remove this employee to/from our plan?

Build and maintain the business relationship along with scheduling and attending meetings in-person or over the phone as needed such as:

• Enrollments (open-enrollment, new hires, changes)

• Benefit value reviews (with individual employees and with plan administrator regarding benefits package offerings)

• Business development goals, strategic planning, and improvement implementation

• Claim checkups

• Bill reconciliation assistance

• Networking and referrals Recommend the best deals on insurance and benefits coverage needed for your company while balancing the needs of your staff (by demographic and personalized interviews) with the needs of the owners and managing staff (relating to business budget and benefit administration support).

Support with the on-boarding of staff:

• New Hire Packets

• Benefit Guides for new employees

• Post-Enrollment Binder for HR/Plan Administrator